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A Timely Graduation is our Top Priority

Our goal is to graduate your child in four years (or less!), and you can help us by making sure that your child stays on track. This can be complicated since student records are confidential and we have to receive permission from your son or daughter before we can discuss his or her academic record with you. So once your child has been accepted, have him or her visit our Parent/Third Party Access Site under Blackboard secure login ( to grant you access to his or her academic record. With this access, you can monitor your child's class schedule and, perhaps most importantly, his or her grades. You would be surprised by how many parents don't know their child's official college GPA. All they know is the GPA their child has self reported and, sadly, these do not always match.

120 is the Goal

Most of our baccalaureate degree programs require 120 semester hours of specific earned credit to graduate. While there are many ways to accumulate 120 hours, the original concept was for students to earn 15 semester hours per term, for two terms each year, for a total of four years. In practice, students can earn 120 hours in many different ways as long as it only takes four years to graduate!

College Credit Earned before Starting at Florida State

It is highly likely that your child will earn college credit prior to enrolling at Florida State. We recognize many different types of accelerated mechanisms that allow students to earn college credit while still in high school. A student can earn college credit by taking dual enrollment classes or by passing AP, IB, AICE, or CLEP exams. We also award a limited amount of credit in English and Mathematics based upon ACT or SAT results.

If your child earns 15 or more credits while in high school, he or she might: 1. Graduate early - three and one-half years would be easy, and it could even be less if enrolling in the summer. 2. Double major - since most credit earned before college is in general liberal studies areas, your child could stay the whole four years and satisfy requirements for two majors. 3. Study abroad - even students without accelerated credit can study abroad, but when they already have college credit, it is easier to work it into their four-year plan. 4. Earn graduate credit while still an undergraduate - quite a few of our undergraduate programs allow students to take graduate courses while in the final stages of completing the undergraduate degree.

Academic Advising

Beginning with a required meeting with your child's assigned academic adviser during Orientation, your son or daughter will always have someone to turn to for academic advice. We take advising seriously and assign students their advisers based upon their choice of major. If the major changes, so does the adviser. For all of our majors, we provide an academic map that outlines a four year, term-by-term guide to graduation.

Make sure your child continues meeting with his or her assigned adviser. After Orientation, meetings with advisers are voluntary, so a few reminders from you, particularly prior to registration for future terms, would never be a bad idea.

Opportunities to Shine

Encourage your child to become involved in his or her major. All of our programs provide opportunities for individualized experiences and research. If students love their majors, chances are there is a professor who would love to help them excel by setting them up to work in their lab, or by assisting them with a research project of special interest. To make it easier to get connected, we have the Office of Undergraduate Research, dedicated to helping undergraduate students become involved in research. Once connected, we have the Office of National Fellowships which helps them prepare for national fellowship/scholarship competitions like the Rhodes, Goldwater, and Fulbright.

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