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Accepted Parents

First Things First

After admission, it is important to apply for on-campus housing as soon as possible. Historically, we have not had room to house all of our freshmen on campus, so the earlier your child applies, the greater the odds of being able to live on campus in the residence hall of choice. Do not delay submitting the housing application, even if you are not certain Florida State will be the final choice. If your son or daughter decides not to enroll, all but $50 of the $225 pre-payment is refundable if admission is declined by May 1.

After your child applies for housing, your next time-sensitive decision involves paying the enrollment deposit. Florida State, as well as most selective schools, requires an enrollment deposit to be paid to the University by May 1 to reserve your child's place in our freshman class. It can be paid at any time prior to May 1, but please keep in mind it is non-refundable! If your child is considering other schools, you can wait until May 1 to pay the deposit, but no later. If you do not pay the enrollment deposit by May 1, your child's admission offer will be withdrawn. Your child can pay the admission deposit by accessing the online status feature of his or her application.

After the deposit has been paid, your child must sign up for Orientation by May 1. Orientation is a mandatory program for new students designed to familiarize them with our University and our many activities and programs. During Orientation, your child will meet with an academic adviser and register for classes. You will be invited to participate in a family program which runs concurrently with, but separate from, your child's orientation.

Get Connected

As the parent of a newly admitted Florida State student, you have the opportunity to become a member of Family Connection. Family Connection is a group formed by parents and other family members of current Florida State University students, along with University staff, to promote family involvement in their child's University experience. It's a great way to stay active and involved in your child's education.

Accepted Student Preview

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, we are pleased to invite you and your family to "preview" The Florida State University. Preview is a series of special visitation days for students who have been admitted to the University. Visit the preview website for more information.

Florida State University, A2500 University Center, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2400 | 850.644.6200