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In preparation for the release of admissions decisions for first-year students on February 17th, please see our counselor notice with information on these decision updates as well as our FAQ.

Hello Counselors,

Thank you for helping us set another record for applications received by our November 1st priority deadline. We are up 103% in applications received compared to last year! We are very grateful for the ever-growing interest in Florida State, but the large increases in applications over the last few years have made yield prediction very challenging. After thoughtful consideration, we felt it was necessary to make a few changes to our current admissions processes to help us meet our enrollment goal of 6,200 first-year students.

Important Changes effective Summer and Fall 2022:

  • Students will initially only be considered for the term they have listed on their application, summer or fall terms. Historically, we used to automatically consider students who did not meet our fall accepted student profile for the summer term. The yield for the summer offers fluctuated widely from year to year and largely contributed to the difficulties of predicting the size of our first-year class. As a result, we will no longer automatically consider fall applicants for the summer term. We are adding a deferral decision.
  • For the students who applied for the November 1st priority application deadline, we are adding a deferral decision to the decisions released on February 17th. The three possible decisions are now:
    1. Admit
    2. Deferral
    3. Denial
  • For the students who applied for the March 1st Regular application deadline AND those that were deferred from the November 1st priority application group, we will release decisions in early April. A waitlist option has been added to this group of decisions, so the five possible decisions are now:
    1. Admit
    2. Seminole Pathways
    3. Waitlist
    4. Spring Transfer Pathway
    5. Denial

How does this impact your students? We plan on sending an email to all our summer and fall applicants and their family members explaining the changes in our admissions processes. All applicants will be provided with an opportunity to change the term on their application. If an applicant does not want to make a change, no further action is needed. Information on our admitted student profile for the fall and summer terms can be found on the Decision FAQ. Please note that since we will be enrolling a smaller class this year, the summer and fall profiles may be higher than in previous years. Our summer term begins June 20th and ends July 29th. Students that start in the summer automatically continue into the fall term beginning August 22nd. Those students that wish to make a term change to summer will be able to do so by logging in to their Application Status Check and completing an Application Change Form. The deadline to complete the Application Change Form will be December 8th.

I know changing existing admissions processes at this point in the admissions cycle is less than ideal. I hope this advance notice will give you and your students time to process these changes and to make any necessary updates to existing applications. Just like last year, we will be hosting a counselor event on the morning of February 17th where we will review the admissions decisions being released later that day. In the meantime, should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at or 850.644.1389.

With much appreciation,

Hege Ferguson

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