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The Aspire TCC2FSU Program

Aspire, previously known as TCC2FSU, provides a seamless transfer for students who want to attend Florida State University, but also want a more personalized and affordable experience prior to transitioning fully to the university level.

Just steps from FSU's campus, our students can live with FSU students in off-campus housing and have the opportunity to participate in FSU activities all while earning their Associates in Arts degree and prerequisites for their undergraduate program at half the price of attending a university.

Aspire offers personalized advising and electronic tools are utilized to help students understand appropriate classes that align with specifically intended majors at FSU.

Along with the traditional Aspire path, TCC now offers three additional tracks:

  • Aspire Elite: Get to FSU in one year or less
  • Aspire Honors: Join TCC's high-achieving scholars as you work toward FSU
  • Aspire Online: Reach FSU from the comfort of your own home

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