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Programs of Study


B = Bachelor's
M = Master's
A = Advanced Master's
S = Specialist
D = Doctoral
T = Track within the undergraduate major
* = Joint degree

All degrees are in bold type and majors within degree programs are indented in plain type. Degree levels offered are in brackets [ ].

College of Arts and Sciences College of Medicine
College of Business College of Motion Picture Arts
College of Communication & Information College of Music
College of Criminology and Criminal Justice College of Nursing
Dedman School of Hospitality College of Social Sciences and Public Policy
College of Education College of Social Work
College of Engineering College of Fine Arts
College of Human Sciences  

Arts and Sciences, College of

Actuarial Science [B]
Anthropology [B]
Biochemistry [B]
Biological Sciences
  Biological Science [B, M, D]
    Cell and Molecular Biology [T]
    Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science [T]
    Marine Biology [T]
    Physiology and Neuroscience [T]
    Plant Sciences [T]
    Pre-Professional Health Sciences* [T]
    Zoology [T]
  Biology/FSU-Teach [B]
Biostatistics [M, D]
Chemical Science
  Chemical Science [B]
  Chemical Sciences/FSU-Teach [B]
  Chemistry [B, M, D]
  Environmental Chemistry [B]
  Materials Chemistry [D]
  Ancient History [M]
  Classical Archaeology [B, M]
  Classical Civilizations [B, M]
  Classics [D]
  Classics and Religion [B]
  Greek and Latin [B, M]
Computational Biology
  Computational Biology - Biology [B]
  Computational Biology - Computer Science [B]
Computational Science
  Computational Science [B, M, D]
  Computational Science (Atmospheric Science) [D]
  Computational Science (Biochemistry) [D]
  Computational Science (Biological Science) [D]
  Computational Science (Geological Sciences) [D]
  Computational Science (Material Science) [D]
  Computational Science (Physics) [D]
  PSM in Computational Science [M]
  PSM in Computational Science (Computational Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics) [M]
Computer Criminology
  Computer Criminology - Computer Science [B, M]
Computer Science
  Computer Science [B, M, D]
  Computer Science BA [B]
  Computer and Network Systems Administration [M]
  Information Security [M]
Creative Writing
  Creative Writing (MFA) [M]
East Asian Languages and Cultures
  Chinese/Business [B]
  Chinese and Japanese [B]
  Chinese Language and Culture [B]
  Japanese/Business [B]
  Japanese Language and Culture [B]
  Creative Writing [B, D]
  Creative Writing with an Emphasis in Business [B]
  Editing, Writing, and Media [B]
  English [M, D]
  English/Business [B]
  Literature [B, M, D]
Environmental Science
  Environmental Science [B]
  Environmental Science and Policy [B]
  Environmental Science/FSU-Teach [B]
  French [B, M, D]
  French/Business [B]
  French and German [B]
  French and Italian [B]
  French and Russian [B]
  French and Spanish [B]
Geology [B, M, D]
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics [D]
  German [B, M]
  German/Business [B]
  German and Italian [B]
  German and Russian [B]
  German and Spanish [B]
  German Studies [M]
Greek [B, M]
  History [B, M, D]
  Public History [M]
History and Philosophy of Science [M]
Interdisciplinary Humanities
  Humanities [B]
  Women's Studies [B]
  Italian [B]
  Italian/Business [B]
  Italian and Russian [B]
  Italian and Spanish [B]
Italian Studies [M]
Latin [B, M]
  Applied and Computational Mathematics [B, M, D]
  Biomathematics [B, M, D]
  Financial Mathematics [M, D]
  Mathematics [B, M, D]
  Mathematics/FSU-Teach [B]
  Applied Geosciences/FSU-Teach [B]
  Meteorology [B, M, D]
Middle Eastern Studies [B]
Molecular Biophysics
  Computational Structural Biology [D]
  Molecular Biophysics [D]
Neuroscience [D]
  Aquatic Environmental Sciences [M]
  Biological Oceanography [M, D]
  Chemical Oceanography [M, D]
  Geological Oceanography [M, D]
  Oceanography [M, D]
  Physical Oceanography [M, D]
  PSM in Aquatic Environmental Science [M]
Philosophy [B, M, D]
Physical Science
  Physical Science [B]
  Physical Science/FSU-Teach [B]
  Physics [B, M, D]
  Physics and Astrophysics [B]
  Clinical Psychology [D]
  Cognitive Psychology [D]
  Developmental Psychology [D]
  Psychology [B, M]
  Social Psychology [D]
  Religion [B, M, D]
  Religion and Classics [B]
  Russian [B]
  Russian/Business [B]
  Russian and Spanish [B]
Secondary Science and/or Mathematics Teaching
  Community College Science Teaching [M]
  Science Teaching [M]
Slavic [M]
  Spanish [B, M, D]
  Spanish/Business [B]
Statistics [B, M, D]

* Includes Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Physician's Assistant.

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Business, College of

  Accounting [B]
  Accounting Information Systems [M]
  Assurance Services [M]
  Corporate Accounting [M]
  Taxation [M]
Business Administration
  Accounting [D]
  Business Administration [M]
  Entrepreneurship [B]
  Finance [D]
  Management [D]
  Management Information Systems [D]
  Marketing [D]
  Organizational Behavior and Human Resources [D]
  Risk Management and Insurance [D]
  Strategic Management [D]
Business Administration/Social Work* [M]
Finance [B, M]
Hospitality Management
  Hospitality Management [B]
  Professional Golf Management [B]
  Human Resource Management [B]
  Management [B]
  Risk Management/Insurance [M]
Management Information Systems [B, M]
  Marketing [B, M]
  Professional Sales [B]
  Retail Management [B]
Real Estate [B]
Risk Management - Insurance [B]

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Communication & Information, College of

  Advertising [B]
  Communication Theory and Research [D]
  Integrated Marketing and Management Communication [M]
  Media/Communication Studies [B]
  Media and Communication Studies [M]
  Digital Media Production [B]
  Public Relations [B]
Communication Science and Disorders [B, M, A, D]
Information Technology
  Information Communication and Technology [B]
  Information Technology [B, M]
Library and Information Studies
  Information Studies [M, S, D]
  Information Studies/School Media [M]

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Criminology and Criminal Justice, College of

Computer Criminology
  Computer Criminology - Criminology [B]
  Criminal Justice Studies [M]
  Criminology [B, M, D]
Criminology/Public Administration* [M]
Criminology/Social Work* [M]

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Education, College of

Counseling and Human Systems
  Career Counseling [S]
  Mental Health Counseling [S]
  School Psychology [S]
Counseling Psychology and Human Systems
  Combined Program - Counseling Psychology and School Psychology [D]
Curriculum and Instruction
  Early Childhood Education [M, S, D]
  Elementary Education [M, S, D]
  English Education [M, S, D]
  English Teaching [M]
  Exceptional Student Education [M]
  Foreign and Second Language Education [M, S, D]
  Foreign and Second Language Teaching [M]
  Mathematics Education [M, S, D]
  Mathematics Teaching [M]
  Reading Education and Language Arts [M, S, D]
  Science Education [M, S, D]
  Social Science Education [M, S, D]
  Social Science Teaching [M]
  Special Education [M, S, D]
  Special Education Studies [M]
  Visual Disabilities [M, S]
Early Childhood Education [B]
Educational Leadership and Policy
  Education Policy and Evaluation [M, S, D]
  Educational Leadership/Administration [M, S, D]
Educational Psychology
  Learning and Cognition [M, S, D]
  Sports Psychology [M, D]
Elementary Education [B]
English Education [B]
Foundations of Education
  Social, Historical, and Philosophical Foundations of Education [M, S, D]
  Sociocultural and International Development Education Studies [M, S, D]
Higher Education [M, D]
Instructional Systems [M, D]
Measurement and Statistics [M, S, D]
Research and Evaluation Methods
  Program Evaluation [M, D]
Social Science Education [B]
Special Education
  Exceptional Student Education [B]
Sport Management [B, M, D]
Visual Disabilities
  Visual Disabilities Education [B]
  Visual Disabilities Studies [B]

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Engineering, College of

Biomedical Engineering [M, D]
Chemical Engineering
  Chemical - Bioengineering [B]
  Chemical - Biomedical Engineering [B]
  Chemical Engineering [B, M, D]
  Chemical - Environmental Engineering [B]
  Chemical - Materials Engineering [B]
Civil Engineering
  Civil Engineering [B, M, D]
  Civil Engineering - MEng [M]
  Environmental Engineering - Civil [B]
Computer Engineering [B]
Electrical Engineering [B, M, D]
Industrial Engineering
  Engineering Management [M]
  Engineering Management in Orthotics and Prosthetics [M]
  Industrial Engineering [B, M, D]
Materials Science and Engineering [M, D]
Mechanical Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering [B, M, D]
  Sustainable Energy [M]

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Human Sciences, College of

Athletic Training [B]
Clothing, Textiles, and Merchandising
  Global Merchandising and Product Development [M]
  Retail Merchandising and Product Development [B]
Dietetics [B]
Exercise Science
  Exercise Physiology [M, D]
  Exercise Science [B]
  Sports Nutrition [M]
  Sports Sciences [M]
Family and Child Sciences [B, M]
Food and Nutrition
  Food and Nutrition Science [B]
  Nutrition and Food Science [M]
Human Sciences
  Family Relations [D]
  Nutrition and Food Science [D]
Marriage and Family Therapy [D]

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Medicine, College of

Biomedical Sciences [D]

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Motion Picture Arts, College of

Motion Picture Arts
  Animation and Digital Arts [B]
  Motion Picture Arts - Production [B, M]

Motion Picture Arts Writing
  Motion Picture Arts - Writing [M]

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Music, College of

Arts Administration
  Arts Administration - Music [M]
Music Education
  Choral Music Education [B]
  Instrumental Music Education [B]
  Music Education [B, M, D]
Music - Liberal Arts
  Commercial Music [B]
  Jazz [B]
  Music - Liberal Arts [B, M]
  Sacred Music [B]
Music Performance
  Accompanying [M]
  Brass Performance [B, M, D]
  Choral Conducting [M]
  Guitar Performance [B]
  Harp Performance [B, M, D]
  Instrumental Conducting [M]
  Jazz Studies [M]
  Music Theatre - Music [B]
  Organ Performance [B, M, D]
  Percussion Performance [B, M, D]
  Piano Pedagogy [B, M]
  Piano Performance [B, M, D]
  String Performance [B, M, D]
  Voice Performance [B, M, D]
  Woodwind Performance [B, M, D]
Music Theory and Composition
  Music Composition [B, M, D]
  Music Theory [B, M, D]
Music Therapy [B, M]
Musicology [M, D]
Opera Production [M]

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Nursing, College of

  Nurse Leader [M]
  Nursing [B]
  Nursing - Accelerated BSN [B]
  Nursing - Nurse Educator [M]
  Nursing Practice - Family Nurse Practitioner [D]

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Social Sciences and Public Policy, College of

African-American Studies [B]
Asian Studies
  Asian Studies [B, M]
  Asian Studies/Business [B]
Demography [M]
Economics [B, M, D]
Geographic Information Science [M]
  Environmental Studies [B]
  Geography [B, M, D]
International Affairs [B, M]
Latin-American and Caribbean Studies
  Latin-American and Caribbean Studies [B]
  Latin-American and Caribbean Studies/Business [B]
Political Science
  Applied American Politics and Policy [M]
  Political Science [B, D]
Public Administration [M, D]
Public Administration/Criminology* [M]
Public Administration/Social Work* [M]
Public Health [M]
Russian and East European Studies [B, M]
Social Science [B]
  Applied Social Research [M]
  Sociology [B, M, D]
  Sociology of Aging and Health [M]
Urban and Regional Planning [M, D]
Urban and Regional Planning/Demography* [M]
Urban and Regional Planning/International Affairs* [M]
Urban and Regional Planning/Public Administration* [M]
Urban and Regional Planning/Public Health* [M]

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Social Work, College of

Social Work
  Social Work [M, D]
  Social Work (BSW) [B]
Social Work/Business Administration* [M]
Social Work/Criminology* [M]
Social Work/Public Administration* [M]

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Fine Arts, College of

Art Education [M, S, D]
Art Therapy [M]
Arts Administration
  Arts Administration - Art [M]
  Dance [B, M]
  Studio and Related Studies [M]
History and Criticism of Art
  Art History [B, M, D]
  Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies [M]
Interior Design
  Interior Design [B, M]
  Interior Design/MFA [M]
Studio Art
  Studio Art [B, M]
  Studio Art (BA) [B]
  Acting [B, M]
  Costume Design [M]
  Directing [M]
  MS for Theatre Educators [M]
  Music Theatre - Theatre [B]
  Technical Production [M]
  Theatre [B, M, D]
  Theatre Management [M]

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Professional Studies

Florida State University offers professional degrees in Law and Medicine.

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