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Freshman Requirements

Florida State University receives over 30,000 freshman applications each year; therefore, admission to the University is a competitive process. It is based on graduating from a regionally accredited high school with specific high school academic units, a cumulative grade point average (GPA) in those academic units, and test scores. Because of the number of applications we receive, satisfying minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. The academic profile of the middle 50% of freshmen accepted in 2014 was:

3.8-4.3 academic GPA; 26-30 ACT composite; 1760-1960 SAT total

In addition to the academic profile, a variety of other factors are also considered in the review process. These include the written essay, the rigor and quality of courses and curriculum, grade trends, class rank, strength of senior schedule in academic subjects, math level in the senior year, and number of years in a sequential world language.

Applicants who bring other important attributes to the University community may also receive additional consideration. These applicants include students applying to the CARE Summer Bridge Program, visual and performing artists, and skilled athletes.

Please note that letters of recommendation are not required and will not be used in the decision-making process.

Announcing a new requirement for 2015 freshman applicants: the Self-reported Student Academic Record (SSAR)

Think of SSAR as an abbreviated form of your high school transcript created by you. It replaces the official high school and college transcripts used by the Office of Admissions during the initial review process. At the SSAR website, you will be asked to list all of the classes and grades earned or in progress in the 5 academic subject areas (English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science/History, and World Language). There is also an "Other" category for you to enter all other AICE, AP, IB, and dual enrollment classes and their corresponding grades that are not associated with the 5 academic subject areas. For instance, AP Music Theory, IB Theory of Knowledge, and HUM 2210 (a humanities class) would fall under this category.

The easiest way to create your SSAR is from a copy of your high school transcript. When you go to the SSAR website you can refer to the transcript to accurately reflect your classes and grades. Accuracy is important because all acceptances granted by the Office of Admissions will be validated, using your official high school and college transcripts sent to us after you have graduated. Students with inaccurate data on the SSAR may be denied admission to the University, have their admission revoked if admitted, or have their registration cancelled if enrolled.

Required High School Course Units

The units listed below represent the minimum required for admission consideration:

  • 4 units of English, at least three with substantial writing requirements
  • 4 units of mathematics at the Algebra I level and higher
  • 3 units of natural science, at least two with laboratory experience
  • 3 units of social science
  • 2 sequential units of the same world language or American Sign Language
  • 2 elective units, preferably in the above subject areas

  • Satisfying these minimum required units does not guarantee admission.

The typical student accepted to Florida State has 4.5 units of English, 5.5 units of math, 4.5 units of natural science, 5 units of social science, and 3.5 units of world language.

ACT/SAT Information

  • Applicants should take both exams, since we use the best composite/total score for admission and scholarship purposes. (Applicants taking the ACT must also submit the ACT Writing Test.)
  • Applicants should take each exam more than once, since we use the highest subscores to create the ACT composite and SAT total.
  • In addition to the applicant's overall composite on the ACT or total score on the SAT, the following minimum subscores are required:
    • Writing - 21 on the ACT English and ACT E/W or 500 on the SAT writing
    • Math - 21 on the ACT math or 500 on the SAT math
    • Reading - 22 on the ACT reading or 500 on the SAT critical reading

    • Having these minimum subscores does not guarantee admission. The typical student admitted to the University has higher subscores.

The January SAT and February ACT are the latest tests that we will use in the admission process for applicants applying for the summer or fall term.

Home Education and GED Information

Florida State University will consider applications from students who are educated through a Home-Education program or who have earned a GED. Home-Education applicants must complete the SSAR, while students earning a GED must submit official GED results, along with an official partial high school transcript.

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