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Military Course Credit+

Students may receive college credit for military experience. However, these credits are not used as part of the admission process in determining a student's level (first-year vs. transfer). To be considered a transfer applicant, one must have earned 12 or more transferable college credit hours after graduation from high school. If admitted, credits maybe be applied to your FSU record in accordance with the table below. Military credit that is not listed in the table below may be evaluated after enrollment. This process would be initiated through the Veteran's Center and requires approval by your Academic Dean for credit that is deemed degree applicable.

  • ACE contributes data and provides quality assurance for military courses and occupations appearing on the Joint Services Transcript used by the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard.

  • The Joint Services Transcript is used by the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard. If you have questions related to your JST transcript, contact for further assistance.

  • The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) offers two-year associate of applied science degrees and provides transcripts to service members who have completed coursework from this curriculum. Air University is a professional military education system of the United States Air Force.

Ace Course ID Ace course title FSU Catalog Equivalent FSU Hours Awarded
AR-0419-0061 Transportation Mgt Coordinator MAN3*** 3 hrs
FSU**** 3 hrs
AR-0702-0023 Medical Lab Specialist FSU**** 3 hrs
AR-0702-0030 Structured Self Development (SSD-1) FSU**** 3 hrs
AR-0702-0032 Structured Self Development (SSD) IV INP3313 3 hrs
AR-0702-0037 Structured Self Development (SSD-11) MAN3021 3 hrs
AR-0703-0036 Practical Nurse SLS2261 3 hrs
FSU**** 9 hrs
NUR3*** 6 hrs
AR-0703-0037 Practical Nurse BSC2085 3 hrs
HUN**** 3 hrs
FSU**** 6 hrs
AR-0709-0065 Combat Medic Specialist FSU**** 12 hrs
AR-0801-0036 Special Operations Combat Medic FSU*** 6 hrs
BSC2085 and BSC2085L 3 hrs and 1 hr
AR-1403-0007 Administrative Specialist NO CREDIT AWARDED  
AR-1404-0006 Signal Officer Basic MAN2021 3 hrs
AR-1405-0238 Automated Logistical Specialist FSU**** 3 hrs
MAN3*** 3 hrs
AR-1406-0103 Army Recruiter MAN3*** 3 hrs
AR-1406-0252 Human Resources Specialist FSU**** 9 hrs
AR-1715-0672 Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer FSU**** 3 hrs
AR-1723-0005 Machinist FSU**** 3 hrs
AR-1723-0012 Metalworker NO CREDIT AWARDED  
AR-1723-0024 Metalworker NO CREDIT AWARDED  
AR-1728-0167 Basic Military Police NO CREDIT AWARDED  
AR-1729-0041 Culinary Specialist NO CREDIT AWARDED  
AR-2201-0552 Infantryman FSU*** 3 hrs
AR-2201-0578 Indirect Fire Infantryman HSC3*** 3 hrs
HSC2400 3 hrs
CG-1710-0014 Damage Controlman 'A' School (DC-A) NO CREDIT AWARDED  
CG-1710-0017 Steel Welding NO CREDIT AWARDED  
DD-1512-0003 Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOAC) MAN4*** 6 hrs
MAN3*** 3 hrs
MC-0501-0004 Corporals LDR2*** 3 hrs
MC-1402-0095 Administrative Specialist GEB1*** 3 hrs
MC-1405-0031 Basic Manpower Officer (BMOC) GEB1*** 3 hrs
FSU**** 3 hrs
MC-1723-0009 Basic Metal Worker NO CREDIT AWARDED  
MC-2204-0103 5-13 Sergeants LDR2*** 3 hrs
FSU**** 3 hrs
NV-1606-0077 Operations Specialist 'A' School NO CREDIT AWARDED  
NV-1606-0102 Army Engineer Diver (Army Second Class Diver) FSU**** 6 hrs
NV-1704-0326 Aviation Support Equip Tech Class A1 FSU**** 12 hrs
NV-1704-0464 Aviation Structural Mechanic NO CREDIT AWARDED  
NV-1710-0114 Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operators Welding NO CREDIT AWARDED  
NV-1715-1736 Nuclear Field 'A' School (Electronics Tech) EEC4351 3 hrs
EEL3111 3 hrs
NV-1715-1816 Avionics Electronic Tech (intermed lvl) AT (1) Class A1 EEL3003 3 hrs
FSU**** 3 hrs
EEE4*** 3 hrs
NV-1715-2134 Electronics Technician (ET) 'A' FSU*** 3 hrs
EEE4*** 3 hrs
NV-1715-2136 Basic Engineering common Core (BECC) FSU*** 3 hrs
NV-1715-2386 Fire Controlman Combined 'A' School FSU**** 9 hrs
EEE4*** 3 hrs
NV-1723-0015 Machine Tool Operator NO CREDIT AWARDED  
NV-1723-0030 Machinery Repairman Strand FSU**** 6 hrs
NER-CS-001 Culinary Specialist/Rank CS3 NO CREDIT AWARDED  
NER-CS-001 Culinary Specialist/Rank CS2 HFT1*** 3 hrs
NER-CS-001 Culinary Specialist / Rank CS1 HFT1*** 12 hrs
HFT3*** 6 hrs
NER-CS-001 Culinary Specialist / Rank CSC HFT1*** 9 hrs
HFT3*** 3 hrs
NER-CS-001 Culinary Specialist / Rank CSCM HFT1*** 15 hrs

+ Subject to change. Florida law requires an annual review to determine the appropriate courses for which credit is to be granted.