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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about our first-year admissions decisions.


The middle 50% of the admitted student profile for a specific term provides a general idea as to what you can expect, even though the accepted student profile will change from year to year depending on the composition of the applicant pool. Traditionally, the academic profile for the summer is slightly lower than the fall. Since we anticipate enrolling a smaller class this year, the summer and fall profiles may be higher than in previous years. Please keep in mind that FSU conducts a holistic review of our applications and no single criterion guarantees admission. The summer term begins June 20th and ends July 29th. Students that start in the summer automatically continue into the fall term beginning August 22nd. If you want to change the term on your application log in to your Application Status Check and complete the Application Change Form.

Fall 2022 Accepted Student profile (middle 50%):
4.3-4.6 FSU Recalculated Academic Core GPA
29-32 ACT Composite Score
1300-1430 Total SAT Score
Summer 2022 Accepted Student profile (middle 50%):
4.1-4.5 FSU Recalculated Academic Core GPA
26-29 ACT Composite Score
1210-1320 Total SAT Score

A deferral means that we are not ready to make a decision on your application at this time. This is not a denial. We are requesting that you complete the Deferral Reply Form through the Application Status Check, submit first-semester grades, and any additional test scores, and any new information you want to share regarding awards and/or extenuating circumstances by March 9th. An updated decision will be made by early April.

We strongly recommend you submit first semester grades if you have not already done so. If you no longer wish to be considered for admission, you can log in to your Application Status Check and complete the Deferral Reply Form which allows you to cancel your application.

The February ACT test scores are the latest test scores we will be able to accept for a decision in early April. Updated test scores must be submitted before March 9th via the Self-Reported ACT and/or SAT Scores Form on the Application Status Check.

A select number of students will be offered an opportunity to join us on the Tallahassee campus after completing one of these four pathways: FSU-Panama City Pathway, First Semester Abroad Pathway, First Year Abroad Pathway, and Spring Transfer Pathway. Detailed information about these pathways can be found at FSU Admissions | First-Year | Decisions. The Office of Admissions selects the students for the Seminole Pathways Program from summer and fall applicants and decisions are based upon academic profile and interests.

Students admitted as Spring Transfer must enroll in at least 15 semester hours of approved college credit at Tallahassee Community College in the fall and must earn a minimum 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) college grade point average with no grade below C. More details on Spring Transfer requirements are available on the Spring Transfer FAQ.

Yes, if you successfully complete 15 credit hours of approved course credits and earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher with no grade below C, you will be able to start in January as a transfer student. All enrollment requirements and admission conditions must be met.

Due to the thoroughness of our application review process, it is unusual for us to reverse an admission decision. We will consider an appeal only if it reveals new academic or personal information that was not present in your initial admission application. Appeals will be reviewed after May 1st. Detailed information about our appeals process can be found here.